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Looptijd: Oktober 2018 - april 2019.

Doel: deze taakgroep inventariseert de rol- en taakomschrijvingen van data stewards, opent een online enquête en neemt een aantal interviews af. Resultaat: rapportage over de huidige stand van zaken rond data stewardship . Plus mogelijk generieke functiebeschrijving voo datastewardberoepen.

Purpose: This task group collects actual rôles and tasks of data stewards by means of questionnaires, literature, recent vacancies and interviews. 

In het kort / In short

 Pitch Data Stewardship_ppt_Nederlands.pdf​   

Pitch Da​ta Stewardship_ppt​_English.pdf

Uitgebreid / Extended:

  Pitch voor LCRDM taakgroep Data Stewardship.pdf ​

  Pitch LCRDM Task Group Data Stewardship_English .pdf

Taakgroepleden (alfabetisch):

Maarten van Bentum (UT)

Mijke Jetten (RU)

Nicole Koster (UT)

Toine Kuiper (TUe)

Jan Lucas van der Ploeg (UMCG)

Gera Pronk (ISeeTea)

Martine Pronk (UU)

Saskia Rademaker (HHS)

Marta Teperek (TUD)

Marijke Verheij (RUG)

Marije van der Geest (UMCG)

Namens de Adviesgroep: Henk van den Hoogen (UM), Annemie Mordant (Memic/UM), Jacquelijn Ringersma (WUR).  

LCRDM-ondersteuning: Ingeborg Verheul (LCRDM), Boudewijn van den Berg (LCRDM).

De taakgroep wordt ondersteund door Melanie Imming (www.immingimpact.eu)

Middelen: literatuurvergelijking, online vragenlijst, interviews, verslag. 

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Hier stond de gehouden survey:

Thank you for participating in the online questionnaire by the LCRDM task group on Data Stewardship.

The ​questionnaire consisted of 18 questions (closed, multiple choice, and open-ended questions).  ​

Introduction questionnaire data stewardship


Good Research Data Management (RDM) is a necessary pre-requisite for FAIR Data and Open Science. For that reason many research institutions provide tools, infrastructure and support to facilitate RDM, although there is no uniform approach. RDM support tends to be provided by employees with a range of different skills and profiles. Consensus about a fitting "job profile" for RDM support staff is lacking. In fact, similar positions even have different names: data stewards, data librarians, data managers, data officers, data consultants, data coordinators, etc. Standardization and professionalization of data support positions in research institutions is an issue that needs to be  dealt with. It is important that Institutions employ competent people with the right set of skills, or help existing staff develop these skills. 

To tackle the issues mentioned above, the National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM) has initiated a nationwide survey to gain insight in what Dutch research institutions require, currently implement and what they are developing in the field of research data support. This survey aims to provide a better understanding of the current status quo and the data skills needed to professionalize the role and function of people working in data management. For the purpose of this survey, the range of different tasks in the data support field has been collected under the umbrella concept of data stewardship.


The survey targets both data support specialists – who assist with data management and supervisors of data support specialists. The survey must be filled-in and returned before  Monday 17 December 2018​​. The LCRDM task group on Data Stewardship will use the outcomes of the questionnaire to do an analysis on the state of the art of data stewardship in the Netherlands. The results of the analysis will be published on the LCRDM platform. The questionnaire does not contain any personal information. ​


The National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM) is a national network of experts in the field of research data management (RDM). The LCRDM forms the link between policy and solutions. Within LCRDM, experts work together to put RDM subjects on the agenda that are too big for one institute to tackle and therefore necessitate a national plan of action. To that end, LCRDM brings together research support services, policy makers, ICT specialists, managers of diverse research institutes and research funding organizations. More information about LCRDM can be found on the website: https://www.lcrdm.nl/.

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