​A constituent of the architecture model that describes a single aspect of the overall model.​

​Reference: Sub working groups Architecture, Services Catalogue LCRDM (Architecture entities)
Source: TOGAF 9.1 http://pubs.opengroup.org/architecture/togaf9-doc/arch/
0.1 7/6/17

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ABBs capture (RDM) architecture requirements; e.g. business, data, application, and technology requirements.

They direct and guide the development of Solution Building Blocks (SBBs).

ABB specifications include the following as a minimum:

Fundamental (RDM) functionality and attributes: semantic, unambiguous, including security capability and manageability

Interfaces: chosen set, supplied

Interoperability and relationship with other building blocks

Dependent building blocks with required functionality and named user interfaces

Map to business/organizational entities and policies