​​​​​Target Architecture

The description of a future state of the architecture being developed for an organization. There may be several future states developed as a roadmap to show the evolution of the architecture to a target state.

Technology layer

The Technology Layer depicts: 
- technology (/ infrastructure) services such as processing, storage, and communication services needed to run the applications and the technology components that realize them 
- the SBB's, i.c. computer and communication hardware and system software that realize those services. Physical elements are added for modeling physical equipment, materials, and distribution networks to this layer.


The ability to verify the history, location, or application of an item, by means of documented recorded identification. For a biospecimen this pertains to any step of its handling, including donation, collection, processing, testing, storage, and disposition.

Trusted Third Party (TTP)

An entity which facilitates interactions between two parties who both trust the third party. 

Two-factor authentication

In addition to the login with an user account, users complete a second authentication procedure by means of an SMS text message, USB-based key or app.​

Type of Service

As used in the Infosheet Services Catalogue.
A particular group of services that share similar characteristics and form a smaller division of  the larger set of services.