​​Virtual Research Environment

Concept, synonym for Digital Research Environment (DRE)​ , and Research Workspace.  DRE is also a product name, refering tot the implementation in Nijmegen (Radboud). VRE is used in a generic way but is also  the name of the implementation in  the university of Groningen. The term VRE is used within HORA 2.0 and thereby the preferred term.


A view is a representation of a whole system from the perspective of a related set of concerns.

This representation consists one or more structural aspects of an architecture that illustrates how the architecture addresses one or more concerns held by one or more of its stakeholders. 

Views are interrelated and together they describe the whole system.

Views are a means to make the architecture manageable and comprehensible by a range of business and technical stakeholders.

Virtual Organization Orthogonal Technology (VOOT)

A protocol that obtains group related information from group providers to pass on to IT services when needed for authorization. Identity details should already be obtained by for instance SAML or OpenID Connect.​